The Black and White show can be heard on the following great stations on Saturday at 2pm est. Click here to see Sunday affiliates?

Call Letters AM/FM Frequency State Time
WMCJ AM 1460 AL 2pm-3pm
KVWM AM 970 AZ 2pm-3pm
KDJI AM 1270 AZ 2pm-3pm
WGCH AM 1490 CT 2pm-3pm
WNWF AM 1120 FL 2pm-3pm
WPTX AM 1690 MD 2pm-3pm
KBNN AM 750 MO 2pm-3pm
WGAI AM 560 NC 2pm-3pm
KNUU AM 970 NV 2pm-3pm
KSCR AM 1320 OR 2pm-3pm
WMNY AM 1360 PA 2pm-3pm
WGOC AM 1320 TN 2pm-3pm
WDXL AM 1490 TN 2pm-3pm
WDXI AM 1310 TN 2pm-3pm
Online Digital Ventures (formerly Net Internet Radio Partners) Internet Internet Internet 2pm-3pm